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   PSC 's partnerships included the world's leading quality vendors. We have chosen to many sources and most of our products from Singapore , Korea , Taiwan Geermany , Swiss , USA , China , Japan , Malaysia and countries outside because their stringent laws concerrning quallty and professionalism match our own demanding attitude to the products we supply to our customers.
   PSC had achieved many official rights to be Authorized Distributors in Cambodia like Products, PROLINK , Birch , CLIPtec, Silicon Power, EDI Secure, LiLin, KingTech, and alarm system TYY , morover PSC had cooperated with Top Business Partners like DELL , TOSHIBA , SONY , ACCER , HP , ASUS , SAMSUNG , APPLE , IBM , LENOVO and CCTV camera , LiLin , KingTech , Samsung , AXIS Mobotix , RFvision and AreconVision. Beside the oversea partners , PSC had many shop retail dealers to sell to end customers in Cambodia.