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    PSC COMPUTER is the IT leading Company in Cambodia and it has been established in 1996 with the opening of its first technological store next to the Central Market under good cooperated partnership with PTC Computer, and since 2005, PSC was separated to be PSC Computer Centre Co., Ltd; moreover now we had changed the location to be a big one, Head Office, building N° 220, Street 184 (Keo Chea) Boeung Raing Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh Next to Alliance Francaise Cambodge in front of Puthisastra University, Phnom Penh City the second branch locate at N° 214, Street Independent, Sihanouk Ville.

   The Managing Director and management teams had nearly 15 years experiences managing computer fields in Cambodia since 1996 and were pioneers in a rapidly developing industry who were also contributing too many developed sectors of Cambodia.

  The fast-paced growth in the industry means that the need for the latest technology is rapidly increasing, service requirements are becoming more demanding and solutions need to be more smooth and comprehensive to deliver what our customers required.

    According to an increasingly demanding environment, PSC was proud and confident to be able to use our team’s talents and experiences, industrial partnership knowledge and commitments to our customers to stay one step over ahead of our competitors.


    Our objective is to be the big and professional leading IT sales and services provider in Cambodia. We are also confident that we can do this because we have a unique offering; we provide customers with warranty supported products at unbelievably competitive prices. This is not a unique claim within the industry so what makes our claim special? We have used our depths of industry knowledge and our reputation to develop international purchasing networks and partnerships that allowed us to supply all customers with genuine products at a lower cost than our competitors in the same IT product and service provider –to prove it we had offered a 5-year warranty.

     In such a challenging and competitive market, we are aware that we cannot become complacent and we need to keep developing our business and ensuring that we provide our customers with, not only the best products available, but also the greatest choice and convenience.

    Therefore, as part of our vision for the future we are planning to relocate to larger premises which will be home to the largest computer retail space in Cambodia – providing you with a one-stop, convenient location to shop for whatever you need.


    We offered a huge range of benefits to our customers; from an extensive range of products, national deliveries and installations, to warranties and after sales services. Furthermore, the good relationships we have with major international manufacturers, coupled with our huge buying power means we can command the very best prices on products and pass the savings onto you.

     Many of our products like Laptops, PC Desktops, Servers, Printers, Scanners, and other Accessories, have full warranties on both parts and labors. Our pre-sales technical helpdesk and trained technical consultants can ensure you choose the right equipment or products and help your plan the systems you need to meet your requirements. We are here to guide you and take the confusion out of buying a computer and other equipments.

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